InfluAds: New display ad network

You may have noticed that there is a new ad displaying on the pages of this site. I’m happy to announce InfluAds as an ad network supporting Asymco. They offer quality products through beautiful, discreet ads.

I hope the products and services being promoted will be useful to this audience.


  • Surely they are discreet as well as discrete.

    • Indeed. I’m against contiguous ads.

      • Davidkstevenson

        I assume you mean continuous ads.

      • Why? Contiguous has quite a similar meaning to continuous.

      • Davidkstevenson

        if you have to explain a joke…
        Anyway: it’s a math pun for a math-heavy site (continuous vs discrete, get it?) and a continuous ad would be one that keeps going continuously ad nauseum.

    • Crete is a beautiful place.  Why would anyone want to diss Crete?

      • berult

        Ac-cretion …by con-crete subtraction. Crete-aceous, isn’t it?

  • Anonymous

    I’m against ads… Until I have to pay for the content, then I’m all for them ;-P (unless it’s House or Fringe then I’ll gladly pay the bucks on iTunes)

  • The RSS feed is still showing AdSense ads, will these change too?