5by5 | The Critical Path #34: Climax and Anti-climax

Horace and Dan talk about Asymconf 1.0 focusing on the risks taken and rewards obtained. We cover the concept, technical implementation, dynamics and where the show will go from here. Horace describes the fascinating “lost tapes” of Steve Jobs and Nokia’s latest anticlimactic results.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #34: Climax and Anti-climax.

Show notes:

  • George Bluth Sr.

    Horace, you’re a consumate professional. Your intersecting interests don’t dilute the excellence you demonstrate in each of your pursuits. Thanks for the incredible insights you provide. You don’t get thanked enough.

  • iBob

    May I be another to thank you.

  • You mentioned that there were 15 mobile companies that have bitten the dust with no hope of revival due to loss of faith of the mobile operators. I’m not sure who those companies are but it is safe to say that was before the current “platform” centric era. The mobile operators are desperate for a third thriving platform to counter the power of Apple and Google. Thus Nokia may have a chance of turning itself around by partnering with Microsoft. It may be remote but the operators will give them every opportunity to succeed. RIM on the other hand is toast. I believe that they fall into the pre platform era. IMO, their only hope would be partnering with Microsoft. They should have considered a dual development path with Microsoft a year ago.

    • The theory that operators want Microsoft’s platform to succeed is what Nokia is relying on. However, if operator enthusiasm for the platform is so great then why are there no other (beleaguered or otherwise) phone vendors rushing out Windows Phones. Surely, operators would sweep large numbers of Android SKUs off their shelves and replace them with a solid portfolio of branded Windows Phones.

      • Maybe RIMM will now since they have finally admitted failure. It’s a shame that it took a cratering stock price for them to wake up. Also I think that HTC has signed up WP8.

        If I was running a beleaguered phone shop I would be lining up behind MSFT, because Google is getting ready to give them the shaft when the Motorola deal is complete.

  • I wrote up some notes on my experience attending Asymconf, if anybody’s interested in one random participant’s perspective: