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Communicating at work changes constantly: different projects, different teams, different goals. Once you add different locations, everything gets harder. It’s tough to keep on task and meet milestones when your time is spent tracking down the people, information or documentation you need. It’s these tiny frustrations that take up your day.

It doesn’t have to be this way.

You can work better, not just harder, with a collaborative intranet like Igloo.

An intranet should help you:

  1. Access the information you need – anywhere, on any device
  2. Co-author documents, track versions and get approvals in one place, without barraging you with email
  3. Discuss ideas openly (or privately)
  4. Ask questions as easily as popping over the cubicle wall
  5. Replace meetings by narrating your work

Intranet doesn’t have to be a bad word.

Try Igloo free for 30 days and you can win a free Aeropress.

  • Hey, your try igloo link is broken

    • Seems to be working now.

      • Brian

        Hey, do you check your email? Sent you something, waiting on a reply.

  • Many of us who have been around for decades understand that collaboration tools are strange business. I’ve been waiting for decades for someone to pull together an integrated collaboration tool that’s inexpensive and full-featured. We all watched Google Wave come and go, like a wave on the beach, and there’s a reason why (and it was only a small piece of the picture). It’s impossible to come up with one integrated piece of 21st century collaboration software that is going to satisfy most everyone’s needs and HOST IT for free or 99 cents – crossplatform.

    It’s simply the case that, like our computers, everyone uses them differently and the diversity is extreme. Igloo provides a huge suite of tools, more than what you’ll ever need or use, but it comes with the human touch required to help you shape a solution that works in your particular case. Be prepared to pay for it, and it will be worth it. Todd worked with me and was willing to bend over backwards to help me get started, and he helped me understand that collaboration tools must come with *service* for it to work effectively. Igloo isn’t cheap, but it will certainly save you money and you’ll come out ahead if you’re working with a small team or larger.

    This is an unsolicited comment because they were so friggin nice about everything – the humans that come with the toolset.