5by5 | The Critical Path #41: Contextual Inquiry

Dan and Horace talk about the distinction between what Facebook is and what its value is perceived to be. We touch on both the opportunities and the challenges for social media and how these are reflected in the IPO. We note how and why Facebook integration in iOS might happen. Horace has a few words about China, WWDC, and the future of apps on TVs. It’s all about context.

5by5 | The Critical Path #41: Contextual Inquiry.



  • Jony

    Hey Horace, Q3 estimates pretty please?

  • KirkBurgess

    just listened to the podcast, interesting comments about a hypothetical theory about Amazon & FB being monopolies and therefore blessed with high PE multiples.

    Also interesting was the observation regarding successful companies who grew from a PC based web presence (google, Amazon, microsoft, Facebook) and the challenge they are all now facing with how to make money from Mobile usage as PC usage subsides.

    A completely agree with your view about the potential of TV based Apps, the perceived value of these I have always thought would be far higher than mobile apps due to their nature of usage (social consumption by multiple users/viewers, more in-depth opportunities due to the sitting down single focus nature of a large TV)