The Critical Path: The First Year by Horace Dediu — Kickstarter Funding Successful

I extend a heartfelt thank you to all 831 backers of my first Kickstarter financed book project. Thanks to you not only will there be a way to refer to and cite the podcasts but, since the project reached 980% of its target, the project allows me to explore new means of publishing and content production.

Clay Christensen said that a disruptor should be patient for growth but hungry for profit. The Asymco experiment is continuing and is staying true to this principle.

The Critical Path: The First Year by Horace Dediu — Kickstarter.


  • Lucien Tenebrae

    Horace, I think folks are being supportive because you’re providing such incredible value in your insights about the mobile markets. Keep up the great work!

    • I’d add that I am learning invaluable lessons for my own business thanks to your insights.

  • Jane

    Why not do an enhanced version with iBooks Author? People pay extra for a print version because it’ll look better than a crappy ePub. They might pay even more for something better than print. You, of anyone, would see the benefit of some interactive diagrams, galleries, etc, right?

  • I sponsored the project in hopes that it would create a historical artifact that could be easily translated to other languages. Ive taken so much from your work that I felt obligated to give back so others could experience it. Keep up the great work.

  • disposableidentity

    This is what I get for forgetting to tune in for a while. Sorry I missed your Kickstarter campaign. Would have contributed.