Sponsor: OmniPlan for iPad

Sarah wakes up, prepares a full breakfast, and fires up her standard suite for design. Two new, time-consuming projects this week — it’s time to start planning much further than was previously warranted. Should’ve started yesterday.

OmniPlan for iPad is perfect for this. An intuitive interface keeps unnecessary controls out of your way until you need them, and you don’t have to become an expert in another field.

It’s just Sarah, three months of work, and a beautiful timeline to keep her studio of one on track. Available in the App Store for $50.

  • opiapr

    I haven’t try it yet. I use OMNIFOCUS every day and is great had been wanting to try Omniplan as well.

  • oases

    See. I was proved right about the advertising on this site. The article is written by the ‘sponsor’ but is made too look like its written by Horace Dediu. How is this better than traditional advertising? It’s worse because it’s pretentious.

    • What is it you wanted to prove? I’m not sure I understand your hypothesis.