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Day September 6, 2012

Swipe Conference 2012 Keynote

My Swipe keynote presentation is available as a free Perspective download.

Swipe Conference 2012 Keynote.

In it I present the history of personal computing and the shift to new platforms that foreshadows the dawn of a new era.

MacTalk Podcast Special | Horace Dediu

A recorded interview Peter Wells at Swipe Conference. We discuss the rise and fall of the PC, and some of the parallels that can be drawn from the rise of mobile platforms today. Which mobile platforms are destined to succeed, and who will fade away? And why can’t some analysts count the iPad as a PC replacement? Horace also discusses the amazing iPad app he used today in his presentation.

via MacTalk – MacTalk Podcast Special | Horace Dediu.

Positioning Lumia

The US has reached 50% smartphone penetration.

comScore data shows July penetration at 48.8% and a monthly growth in penetration of nearly 2 percentage points. Given the rate of growth, it’s nearly certain that we’ve crossed 50% in August.

The historic growth is shown below:

The platforms making up the smartphone market in the US have seen unequal shares of this new population of users. The following diagrams show how the install bases have changed in absolute and share terms.


To round out the analysis, here is the net user gains for the platforms showing the net addition or loss of users since early 2010.