Kindle Fire vs iPad: “Good enough” will not disrupt – Tools of Change for Publishing

Jenn Webb of O’Reilly writes:

With its recent release of the new Kindle Fire HD tablets, some have argued that Amazon has declared war on Apple and its iPad. But how serious is the threat? Are the two companies even playing the same game? I reached out to analyst Horace Dediu, founder and author of Asymco, to get his take. Dediu will speak on all this and more at TOC Frankfurt on October 9, 2012. Our short interview follows.

read the interview here: Kindle Fire vs iPad: “Good enough” will not disrupt – Tools of Change for Publishing. (O’Reilly Tools of Change for Publishing).

  • actualbanker

    Horace, We’re looking forward to your estimates for the quarter.

  • I always fail to understand when Amazon goes up against Apple with their tablets, it’s always said that Apple needs to be on the defense. Apple is sitting with a huge economies of scale and a cash reserve that’s greater than Amazon’s entire market cap. I wouldn’t be surprised if Apple has choked off the component supplies of NAND memory for most of its rivals so they only have limited amounts to build complete tablets. Apple has well over 300 retail stores around the world to pump out its iPads to consumers who can’t wait to get their hands on them. Still, these analysts believe that somehow Amazon is going to bring Apple to its knees just because Amazon is pushing some cheap tablet at cost. I surely don’t see Amazon threatening Apple’s tablet domination as much as I see them hurting the rest of the Android tablets’ chances. Maybe I’m the stupid one because investors keep pouring money into Amazon despite Amazon’s profits dropping. They must see something that I certainly don’t.

  • Not disrupting iPad? Kindle Fire took away several million ipad sales in the USA over the past year, this one and with their 8.9″ one especially, is going to take away even more sales from iPad in the USA. The USA is Apple’s most important market.

    • Ted_T

      This no doubt why Apple’s tablet market share actually went UP year over year?

      • That is ridiculous. Apple tablet market share has been going down constantly since iPad1 in 2010. Since Kindle Fire, iPad has below 50% market share of the worldwide tablet market, Android tablets sell more than iPad.

      • juliusaugustus

        Actually Apple tablet marketshare has increased. Could you provide numbers saying otherwise.

      • Ted_T
      • IDC has no understanding of the world of technology. Android tablets have above 95% market share in China and China is the main tablet growth market. Neither Google nor IDC count non-certified Android tablets even though more than 95% of those come with full Google Play Store and Google Apps pre-installed. Upwards 200 thousand non-certified Android tablets are made and sold daily out of China. IDC does not know how to count them. And also, go do a google search for some sites that list the huge number of times that IDC, Gartner and other bogus analysts have turned out to be completely wrong.