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You start your day, grab a coffee and update Bob.

Then you swing by your manager’s office and update him. He’s like, “Oh. Em. Gee.” (He thinks that’s cool).

Now you’ve got to update his boss.

You get back three conversations later and tell Janice what happened. You try to ignore the guy listening over the cubicle wall… but then you update him so he doesn’t spread the wrong story.

Now your coffee’s cold. You start your day.

Or, you could write a blog post inside your team space.

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Why are tablets and smartphones insulated from tough economic conditions?

The iPad launched in April (i.e. Q2) 2010. Since then the PC industry (excluding Macs) has seen a decline in growth. The following graph illustrates global shipments as reported by Gartner:

Note that the growth rate has been negative for 4 out of the eight quarters since. The latest data shows a decline in shipments of over 9% bringing yearly growth to negative territory for the first time since the recession of 11 years ago. Continue reading “Why are tablets and smartphones insulated from tough economic conditions?”