My talk at Tampere Goes Agile

Steve Jobs once joked that engineers think Hollywood writers do their work by drinking beer and telling jokes and Hollywood thinks building software is as easy as writing a check for the tech. In reality creating software and creating art are more similar than they are different. The phenomenon of mass market software in the form of entertainment has blurred the lines even further–making software has become more like making movies than making machines. There are lessons to be learned by all developers.

Developer as Artist

File Size 14.9MB, Talk duration about 30 min. Requires iPad.

  • febsee

    Horace, are you planning to make an iPhone version of the perspective App? It could be a presentation only or readonly App.

  • I’m not clear why you think it’s a good idea locking up your presentations in proprietary formats. Would you also like us to install Silverlight?

    • The presentations are available to those present in the room without the use of any software. Prior to the use of proprietary software that was the limit to the audience that could view the presentation. After using the software the size of audience has increased significantly. Given the option between traveling to the event and downloading software, the number who choose the software option is running quite a bit higher. The cost of production for software-based distribution has been in proportion to the revenue from said distribution. Conversely, the cost of production for video recordings is several orders of magnitude higher and unlikely to be recovered.

  • After spending the last year as the technical cofounder at a (dysfunctional) startup I can see the value in appropriating some of Hollywood’s norms. Particularly the culture of flexibility and self-directed careers top-to-bottom. Rovio is a great example of blockbuster success, bu there are still a lot of 10x developers and 100x teams getting paid 1x wages. Mostly, I think, because there is massive misunderstanding about how software is made, and what it’s hired to do… even among programmers.

  • GuruFlower

    For me, with a 30 year perspective in motion pictures, a wife and father and now a son in the business, this is one of the most illuminating stories you’ve told on Asymco. It is absolutely brilliant.

    Did you have a chance to watch the excellent documentary available on Netflix, “The Pixar Story?”. I recommend it to everyone who contemplates Apple as a business model or an investment.

    Thanks for an outstanding presentation.