Asymconf 2012 videos now available

The Asymconf 2012 videos are now available for purchase from the new Asymco Store.

The package includes 1080p HD video produced by Kevin Krautle. Multiple camera angles capture all the action. Great quality audio and hours of conversation. It’s even subtitled. Over 20 gigs of content.

But wait, there’s more. You also get Perspective stories, Audio Podcast and Transcripts all for the low, low price of $89.99. Over 20 Gigabytes of content.

I hope you enjoy it as much as we enjoyed producing it.

  • Roman

    Congrats Horace!

    I know this product has been crafted over a long period of time and with great care — from your classes with Christensen, to your time developing your theories at Nokia, to the inception of Asymco in its pure blogging form, to the addition multiple topics and audiences, to a vibrant discussion community, to finally applying disruption theory itself to conferences and launching with Asymconf earlier this year.

    For those of us especially that were not able to participate in Asymconf (the event), getting this the Asymconf experience in this packaged product will prove an enticing offer indeed.

  • Enrico Ros

    Store experience: smooth. 3 clicks (paypal) and one password.
    Downloading experience: great. full-band, 4x video-speed on my connection.
    Popcorn and sketchpad: ready.

  • Interesting. I’m trying to figure out if I’m the right customer for this product. Certainly the price is far less than even a single nights hotel to have gone to the conference, so I’m not arguing that.

    I’m an investor, and make my business on Apple’s platforms. I’m pretty well financially tied into Apple, but it’s not clear to me what kind of return the time invested watching this will give me.

    Please don’t take this as bashing. I derive a great deal of value from the blog- so there’s an argument to be made for buying it just to support the blog.

    From the trailer I get the impression the audience makes astute comments and that the conference was produced slickly, but I don’t quite understand what the topic were and whether I’ll be able to use the information given.

    If you previously released one of the sessions or something else like that I missed it and would go watch that to get a better understanding. (I wasn’t aware of the conference until after it happened, and don’t visit the blog every day, but do visit every week.)

    Or maybe someone could post a review, or link to review of the conference?

  • Davide Tarasconi

    Finally! I was there but I’ll get the videos anyway, I had no time for taking meaningful notes because I was completely focused on what was being said and shown.

  • I’m waiting for my wife to have the time to sit down and watch through the sessions with me, but after downloading the works and checking it out on my iPad, Mac and aTV, I’m very impressed.

    The production values, formatting and distribution are superb, and the entire collection feels carefully thought-out.

    My only complaint: I wish it were all wrapped in an Asymco app. I’m sure that feeling is shared.

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