A limited number of The Critical Path The First Year print editions are available for purchase

The Critical Path, The First Year is now available on the Asymco Store.

  • Including DRM-free PDF and ePub downloadable files.
  • The print copies are signed.
  • Supplies are limited.

You can order  here: Asymco Store — The Critical Path Book.

  • xynta_man

    Horace, is it possible for you to add your book into the iBookStore? If I remember correctly, it supports indie publishing. While the iBookStore (like most similar stores) has DRM, it also makes possible to permanently add the book into you library, downloading it to new devices, when needed.

  • I haven’t received my kickstarter print version yet, when can i expect it?

    • We are just waiting on one more thing, but are printed they will be shipping out soon.


      • Chris

        Will I bet a tracking number sent to me so I see where the book is as I’m in the uk?

    • It’s shipping today or tomorrow depending on the storm on the East Coast.

  • Chris

    How will the kickstarter print versions be shipped? I’m in the uk any chance we can get a tracking number to make sure it makes it?

  • kiran bhanushali

    Hi Horace, Great job with the book. Looking forward to the printed version. Any updates on the shipping dates?