Call for Volunteers for Asymconf

If you are available January 29th and/or 30th in the San Jose area we could use your help.

We need eight people to help with registration, microphone relay, guides.

We also need five people to act as Camera Operators – we will provide Cameras and training, but any experience is a bonus.

We also need an Audio Mixer Operator – experience as a DJ is enough.


In exchange for a day of hard labor you’ll get:

  • Access to event (when not busy)
  • Access to reception and meals
  • A collectable Asymconf t-shirt

Send email to to apply.

  • saturnblackhole

    Oh goody!!!!!!!!!1 So these “volunteers” get a free tee-shirt and a meal for running the behind the scenes of a conference that charges $495 a seat. What a joke, just put out an ad for “interns” or find some homeless people to do job *cough* I mean volunteering work.

    • saturnsucks

      Seriously?? There are lots of people who are out of work, students, entrepreneurs, or for whatever reason can’t scare up the funds to attend this, who have an opportunity to network and participate by volunteering.

  • I was lucky enough to get to volunteer last time, and it was both fun and very educational. I hope I can help out this time as well.

  • MOD

    I will volunteer.

  • I would have loved to have done the lighting, but, alas I’m in Australia, but hey I’m on holidays until mid January ’13. … Do you provide transport? 😉

  • nomster

    As a photographer I think this is an extremely tawdry way to do ‘business’ Horace.

    So people should volunteer to control cameras you provide but they get paid nothing!


    As has been said before about those business execs who complain about having to pay even a minimum wage, if you cannot afford to pay people a fair day’s pay for a fair day’s work then you haven’t got a viable business.

    I recognise your conferences are a sideline to this web site but it’s still part of your brand. Asking people to do things for nothing just makes you look cheap in more ways than one.

    This will affect my view of your work more than any of the articles and analysis you’ve written.

    PS. I’m in UK so it’s not personal resentment – rather the principal of such a request.

    • Generally speaking, every deal depends on all participants finding value in agreeing.