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Day January 1, 2013

5by5 | The Critical Path #69: The Concentration of Power

A discussion on a forthcoming blog post titled “The Last Feature Phone”. Also why stock markets are intractable: the problem with understanding the motivation of buyers and sellers of equities, especially those who act on behalf of others as fund managers. Finally, a review of what’s on Horace’s to-do list for 2013 and a hint at the new 5by5 show High Density, the first episode which is linked in the show notes.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #69: The Concentration of Power.

5by5 | High Density #1: Glenn Fleishman

Announcing a new 5by5 podcast: High Density.

In the first episode I interview Glenn Fleishman and talk about what it takes to be on Jeopardy (and how to win.) We also go on a journey into the lore and charm of The Economist and the curious state of modern journalism.

via 5by5 | High Density #1: Glenn Fleishman.