It's a wrap. Asymconf California

My thanks to all those who made Asymconf California the best Asymconf ever. We had over 200 attendees and, for the first time ever, 50 workshop participants and a panel session. The venue was spectacular: IBM’s historic Almaden Research Center and special thanks to Paul Brody of IBM for making it available.

Engagement was stronger than ever and I believe we moved the ball forward on a range of topics: The workshops helped solve some of the mysteries related to Amazon valuation and the main event looked at the limits of growth. The State of the Union took a look at the post-PC world and Apple’s inflection point. The panel session took on the future of TV and, including the audience, we had input from some of the most influential companies in the space.

We will scramble to make the proceedings (in the form of an iPad download) available as soon as possible.

Normal blogging and tweeting will now be resumed.

  • terence hill

    “My thanks to all those who made Asymconf California the best Asymconf ever.” – Sounds pretty “apple-ish” 😉

  • Sam

    “The workshops helped solve some of the mysteries related to Amazon valuation” … Looking forward to that post!

  • Anyone have some big take-aways/conclusions they want to share with those who couldn’t attend?

    • newtonrj

      Yes, Attend everyone you can! -RJ

    • mani_abhi

      – Nassim Taleb was’nt there to comment on Fragile vs Anti-Fragile systems

      – No transcendentalists showed up except Horace to discuss cultural influences in inspiring Apple & silicon valley hacker culture/ethos.

      – Jared Diamond was not there to comment on collapse of civilizations.

      – Tim Cook did not show up to discuss Apple-TV, but he probably did not miss much.

      – Jeff Bezos did not show up to discuss latest quaterly results, but he should have.

      – Overall Pincus stole the show and Horace is probably the only one who can tell a story with graphs.

      • “No transcendentalists showed up except Horace to discuss cultural influences in inspiring Apple & silicon valley hacker culture/ethos.”

        Ah, theres the stinging regret I was waiting for. I really blew it.

  • nikolaihoffn

    Congratulations, Horace!

  • Bbg

    Don’t know if it was discussed – on this last earnings conc call, Apple said the “iPhone 4” was “supply constrained” for most or all of the quarter. Does anyone know why? Was it a forecasting problem related to unexpected demand? Or a manufacturing problem? If it was a manufacturing problem, how could this happen to a year old product? If it was a demand problem- where did this unexpected demand come from? Emerging markets? Or developed markets? It would be interesting to know how many consumers moving from a feature phone to a smart phone choose the 4 based on price – and the fact that it does the “job” “good enough”.

    • Zoldie

      IMO there are 2 types of iPhone buyers. The free and the if I pay $100 I can afford $200 for the latest and greatest. Know a couple people that went from non-smartphone to 99 cents iphone 4 this Christmas. In the long run that’s a bad thing.

      • Can you clarify: Is it bad that people upgrade from non-smart to smart or that they upgrade to the iPhone?

  • mortjac

    It was just horrible to not being able to attend. The first Asymconf was very inspiring. I’ll be eagerly waiting for the proceedings for the second!

  • Where can I get the slides?


  • Herve

    Congratulations on a job well done. Looking forward to your next posts.

  • Delighted to have hosted this event. You must be exhausted – get some rest. It was absolutely terrific.

  • Gw

    Horace why were your quarterly numbers so far off? Not even close this quarter. What happened with your analysis?

    • Did you try to ask during the event? I’m sorry if I could not get to all the questions.

  • Thank you for hosting such a wonderful event.

  • Nathan Gallacher

    “Normal blogging and tweeting will now be resumed” – Now THAT is good news.

  • Horace — Have you posted the GDP/capita in the U.S. or U.K. anywhere yet? Even the most rudimentary chart. I have a presentation I’m doing tomorrow and would love to cite you!

  • johan meylaerts

    Thanks Horace!

    Glad to have joined the collective intelligence assembled at Asymconf with a curious mix of people from different backgrounds and with different expertise.
    Fabulous location!

    The conference was enlightening and contributed to a better understanding of the dynamics of disruption and of the exceptional case California. There was definitely need for a longer panel session, as some interesting viewpoints could not be developed good enough and questions had to be left unanswered. See you at the next Asymconf.
    (A post with conclusions from the workshops would be very much appreciated)

  • granthuhn

    Congratulations on another great conference. Looking for to reading through the Perspective story.

  • I couldn’t go to the Asymconf, but I’m looking foward to see the proceedings. I hope they are at least good as the first one on Amsterdam.

  • Andrew Mohr

    Congratulations. I was fortunate enough to attend and it was a very interesting and insightful day. Great panel and discussion. An entire day could have been devoted to the panel topic of TV disruption. One subject not discussed in the panel was the potential impact or role of “second screen” via tablets / smartphones, which would have certainly opened up many other tangents. Next time hopefully. Planning to attend London if schedule allows.

  • beidaren

    Thanks for organizing the conference. I had a great time there.

    During the panel discussion on the future of TV, i wanted to ask this question (but didn’t get to): What is the probability that Apple will license shows from content providers and start its own pay TV subscription service? It has the cash to do this. As a streaming service, it can cover the whole country and many parts of the world where broadband internet speed allow, unlike the “balkanized” cable providers which only offer reginal coverages.

    • Apple does not need cash to do this. It’s a packaging question and one which can be easily financed from cash flow. The insight comes from understanding what TV programming is hired to do. We think that we want TV shows but many people watch TV just to watch TV. It’s a time filler and they will watch whatever’s on. So when faced with an infinite array of shows the viewer is frustrated. Choosing becomes work, not fun. They just want to be served a stream of entertainment. They “hire” the channels to offer something good to watch. It’s the difference between showing up to a restaurant and looking through a menu of 2000 choices vs. asking the chef to use his imagination.
      A TV product needs to solve this problem not just solving the “infinite show selection” problem. An intelligent show “DJ” or “Genius” might be a way to solve this.