Happy Birthdays

Today is the iPad’s third birthday.  It’s also the mobile (cellular) phone’s 40th birthday.

Whereas the launch of the mobile phone was probably an obscure event, the launch of the iPad was greeted with derision.

It is perhaps with irony that we should greet this auspicious confluence of anniversaries.

  • Sacto_Joe

    Happy birthday, iPad! #:^)

  • Luis Alejandro Masanti

    And April 1st. was Apple’s anniversary as a company!

  • Jeff g

    Next month it’ll be my 2 year anniversary of buying my first Apple product ever, an iPad 2. The Halo thingy worked with me. I followed up with the stock, then the 4S, and feel very confident my next tablets, phones, or computers purchased will be Apple. And at the risk of being called a fanboy, freshman that I am, I look forward to those purchases!

  • kathy

    Add to this confluence of anniversaries in early April, the announcements of
    Tesla Motors. I mention this Horace because at the end of one of your
    recent podcasts you made one last point of mentioning your interest in
    cars … Was that a hint of what’s to come? An expansion of your
    analysis to include a focus on Tesla Motors, and the disruption of the
    automobile industry?

    • Yes, I’ll devote some time to the auto industry. I’ve been looking at it for a while and need to get some discussion going.