Sponsor: Shopster

Shopster is a new kind of groceries list app that learns what you purchase and where, so it can remind you later on.

Whenever you check an item as purchased, Shopster learns the location where you got it. The next time you look for the same thing, a geofenced alarm will be triggered when you are near the location.


  • Autolearning of locations when checking items as purchased.
  • Geofenced reminders for your products, based on your prior buying history.
  • In-place editing table, for quick corrections and editions.
  • Unique ruler to quickly enter the number of items you need to buy.
  • Smart autocomplete, to assist you entering frequently purchased products, based on your previous history.
  • Reorder items with a simple tap and hold.

Check out Shopster on the AppStore, it’s only $0.99

Sponsorship by The Syndicate

  • Intriguing. I’d buy it if it supported list sharing. My wife and I rely on that feature.

  • Brrriiiaaallliiiaaannnttt

    Once you use a grocery mgmt app, you will never go back…It takes a while to get it set up, and you have to change your workflow slightly to accommodate But after a couple shopping trips, all your purchases are known, and putting a grocery list together takes seconds, checking off is easy, and you are assured to never forget anything…highly recommend…will give Shopster a shot…