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Day April 7, 2013

The Critical Path #79: Make It Rain

This week we cover a bit of Facebook Home, a bit of YouTuber economics, the best analogy ever heard for Google’s business model, and we kick off Auto industry analysis with the “Five Whys”-the paradoxical questions that nobody seems to be asking about cars.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #79: Make It Rain.

This was a good one.

Samsung vs. Google: an Interview with Rafael Barbosa Barifouse of Redacao Epoca

On Mar 18, 2013, Rafael Barbosa Barifouse – Redacao Epoca – Editora Globo asked (and I answered):

Q: Why is Samsung creating Tizen?

A: I believe they are collaborating on Tizen development because they want an alternative to Android and because Bada was not good enough to meet that goal. Tizen’s roots include contributions from Intel, Nokia and several Japanese companies so it’s not Samsung’s OS per se. Historically it was the “open” alternative operating system for embedded and mobile systems. See https://github.com/kumadasu/tizen-history/blob/master/tizen-history.pdf for a historic perspective.

In some ways Tizen seems to be a blend of several pieces of code including proprietary Samsung user interfaces. Samsung is presumably interested in having a unique, differentiated experience. This is something every device maker seeks. Put another way, if they did not seek this then it’s unlikely that they would be profitable which would also imply that they would not invest in marketing and development of products. As Samsung invests both in marketing and development it can be concluded that they seek to offer a unique value proposition and, in today’s market, that means a unique experience.

Does it make sense to create a new mobile OS when it has had so much success with Android?