Sponsor: Fresh music from Steven Jengo

Arrive in the office, make a cup of coffee, open up your email, and turn up your favorite song. We know how it goes.

Check out Steven Jengo’s new single, summer of 2042.

Fresh tunes with a softly different touch; with that kind of familiar sound, simple and melodic, deep and lazy, freshly brewed for your listening pleasure.

Take care when driving at high volume. Find more at

Sponsorship by The Syndicate

  • El Visitador

    Alright guys.

    I was surprised to see and ad for music here on Asymco. So I went and listened to it on Spotify and it’s not earth shattering but quite OK for easy listening. So it got starred on Spotify.

    Now, how did ad this end here? Have music labels decided to buy on The Syndicate? Will we see them on The Deck or in influAds?

    I am on the TV/entertainment industry, and knowing the degree of subtlety of many of our marketing people (hint: not always very deep), It’d be interesting to understand how did this get here.

    • Steve Setzer

      I had many of the same questions!

      And you know, I think it works with this particular musician and the web sites that use The Syndicate. Jengo’s work is interesting and doesn’t fall into a narrow genre or demographic slice.

      Music in general these days is very narrowly defined and the markets are finely segmented; I doubt the latest pop tart, hip-hopper or polka master is going to show up in The Syndicate.