Sponsor: Netradar, Crowd-sourced mobile quality of service data

Netradar is a free service that provides independent and accurate information about the quality of your mobile Internet connections. It allows you to test your mobile connection (both cellular and WiFi) and share the data into an aggregated map of coverage. This is the best of crowd-sourcing: useful data  aggregated and presented by and for end users around the world.

The information shared can be viewed as maps and through a statistics page.

Netradar is developed by Aalto University, Finland, and is based on years of active research in analysing mobile communication. See this page for some more information about the research behind Netradar.

Netradar supports all major smart phones and tablets including iOS, Android, Windows Phone, Meego and Symbian Belle.

Get Netradar for iOS here.

  • Relayman5C

    I downloaded the app for my iPhone 4S but ran into an issue that must be a bug: If I’m connected to a wi-fi network, it measures the wi-fi speed (4+ Mbps) instead of the 3G speed (200+ kbps). It seems I’m the first person in my part of Cincinnati to use it but I expect that that will change.