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Digg (yes, that Digg) has released a new RSS Reader for the web, iPhone, and iPad (Android coming soon). The design is sleek and clean, and the apps are speedy and efficient.

Whether you’re a hardcore RSS junky or simply want all your favorite online reading in one place, Digg Reader is for you. It’s free and available today.

Sponsorship by The Syndicate

  • obarthelemy

    I’ve transitioned to Feedly and like it quite well:
    – choice of 3rd party clients
    – nice web interface with a “like Google Reader” setting

    a few niggles, mainly that the web client’s “mark all read” also marks read new stuff that came in since the last refresh and thus hasn’t been displayed, so you must regresh right before marking.

  • PatchyThePirate

    Requires google login. Needless to say, I’ll pass.

  • PatchyThePirate

    Sorry if this double posts, but this Digg crap requires a google login, so no thank you. I did buy a Fracture picture thing though (from a previous ad), very cool..