The Critical Path #93: The Innovator's Curse

Markets are expected to do one thing and one thing only: determine price. What happens when they fail? The tragedy and comedy of corporate raiders. Also more on what you can expect form Airshow New York.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #93: The Innovator’s Curse.


  • Walt French

    Just “kudos” for a good talk—esp for those wondering about stock mkt craziness. At Podcast’s 125% speed, decently dense ideas/info.

    • graphex

      how do you get 125% speed? I’m only seeing 150%, 200% + 50%…

      • Walt French

        Guess I’m speeding it more than I realized. I noted that I knocked it off in < one trip around Green Lake. I blame the bright sunlight—couldn't read the screen well enough.

  • Jacob Willliams

    I’m listening to this and wondering if this 5c product is actually the ‘C’hampagne colored iPhone.

    • graphex

      I see 5c being the rainbow colored phones and likely China only. If it’s priced aggressively (like, 249 to 329) then they are going after Samsung hard.