The Critical Path #101: The Genie is Out

The fascination with highly visible but largely unknown business models continues. How do infomercials work? What is the value of fashion? How can you make money when no creative idea can be protected? Why is Apple building a sapphire manufacturing facility? It’s all part of a pattern.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #101: The Genie is Out.

  • stefnagel

    Great chat. Apple can trap IP value by “owning” manufacturing; no Samsung maybe looking over its shoulder at the blueprints.

  • Anthony Daniele

    Horace, regarding your comment on the 100% solar facility, there are technologies that can operate when the sun doesn’t shine, and may be perfect for the high temperatures applications required in the plant. Here’s an example from Spain:

  • Jonathan Sugai

    Horace, have you ever studied Axiology? I find the term “jobs to be done” similar to the definition of “value” as defined by Axiology which describes the meaning of anything to the person who perceives it based on what they value. Here are some recommended books on Axiology:
    The Structure of Value by Robert S. Hartmann
    The Values Factor by Dr. John F. Demartini