Cubed Episode 010: The Process of Innovation

I joined Benedict Evans and Ben Bajarin on their Cubed podcast to discuss innovation and cultures that breed innovation. We also discuss some updates on our thinking of the curious case of the android tablet ghosts toward the end.

Show Notes

The Meaning of Really Cheap Android

The Innovators Curse

Dark Matter

Android as the Platform For Commodity Electronics

Harvard Business Review – How Pixar Fosters Collective Creativity  (subscription required)

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  • neutrino23

    Interesting point about the use of media tablets in used to view what is probably pirated material in third world markets. The components do get counted, somewhat, but the usage is invisible.

    Question: why would Android be used in devices such as refrigerators and such? The underlying OS is Linux. Why not simply use Linux if there is no user interface to speak of? Isn’t Linux capable of accessing devices on a bus and communicating over the Internet? What capabilities does Andoid add?