Sponsor: WhereIsMi

How much time do you spend looking for things — things you already own? How often do you give up, unable to find what you’re looking for? We can find information in seconds via Google, yet we struggle to find silverware in our homes.

WhereIsMi organizes your things in a big tree that you build as you go. For example, you can add a room, then add a closet to that room. Add a shelf to that closet, then add Mother’s silver to that shelf. The next time you search WhereIsMi for “silver” you will be given a natural path to its location: Bedroom > Closet > Top Shelf > Mother’s Silver. You can also navigate this tree manually to add new things or just to browse.

WhereIsMi is very flexible. For example, you can use it to bookmark your favorite stuffing recipe. Or use it to record an item’s details, like its serial number. Use Siri to dictate a box’s contents. Or use your camera to photograph the box’s contents instead. Or photograph the box’s label so you can visually identify it later on.

WhereIsMi is free, and it has no ads! Just in time for sorting and filing all the post-holiday gifts.


  • Free and no ads and they paid for a sponsorship? It sounds good and I’ll try it, but what is the catch? (maybe I’m just too suspicious).

    • rational2

      They get to know everything you own 🙂

      Notice it didn’t say whether the stuff is stored locally or in the cloud. I’ll assume it is stored in the cloud and that makes it a non-starter for me for recording my personal possessions.

      • Sid Steward

        It is all stored locally exactly for this reason. As a user, I feel the
        same way as you. As the app publisher, we don’t want the responsibility of handling and securing users’ personal data on our servers. Someday we might add optional cloud-based features, but local, private data storage will always be at the core.

      • marcoselmalo

        Hey, developer! Nice of you to stop by and allay concerns.

      • rational2

        Thanks for the clarification. That removes a barrier .

    • Sid Steward

      We hope to make it a better Poshmark someday, but we’ll be satisfied if it’s never more than just an excellent home organizer 🙂

  • rushbc

    Sounds like a great idea, and a great app. And the app developer is responsive and seems to have priorities straight! (See comments from Sid Steward)

  • W_Raps

    I’ve put it on my Ipad to organize my thoughts, no materials but philosophical realms will reside in this vault

  • Greg ZX

    Free? I’d pay a small price if it supported sync over multiple devices.