Sponsor: Slingshot

Slingshot allows you to share your iOS device screen, Mac and Windows desktop to anyone, anywhere. Simply start a session and share your device. Then invite others to join in!

A number of collaboration tools are included, too! Video, audio and text chat are paired with collaborative note taking, file sharing and more.

Because Slingshot is cross-platform, users on any device can view screens, share files and collaborate. Slingshot was built to work on the devices we use every day.

Slingshot is available on Mac, Windows, iOS and Android. It’s a free download, and it includes a free 30-day trial.

Host an unlimited number of sessions and experience Slingshot to the fullest.

Download Slingshot from the Google Play Store or the App Store, or visit to learn more and try it today!

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  • handleym

    OK, iOS support is cute. But apart from that, why is this better than TeamViewer (or, remaining purely in the Apple world) than ARD or iChat Screen Sharing? Or even, god forbid, hacks like Skype screen sharing and Google screen sharing (which let you look but not touch, so fine for demos, useless for tech support).
    Is this in the look but don’t touch camp? Is it targeted at demos or at tech support? Damned if I can tell from this ad.

    This is something that drives me crazy about these sorts of ads — they’re totally deluded as to the world and their place in it. If you are Apple, or MS, or Google you can get away with a vague “this is what this new app does” because for plenty of people that’s enough — the brand itself suggests capabilities, level of security, integration, etc.

    But if you’re some no-name newcomer this is ABSOLUTELY not good enough. Pretending that TeamViewer doesn’t exist and own this space is just wasting my time. Tell my why I should spend five minutes considering you rather than TeamViewer, or get out of my way.

  • michael