Apple: Lessons in Self-Destruction. Richard Gutjahr’s blog

My thanks to Richard Gutjahr for taking time to talk about self-disruption. I met Richard as the Master of Ceremonies at the Censhare FutureDays event in Munich. He interviewed me for his blog and posted the results as a video and sound file. Richard is a journalist (Berliner Tagesspiegel, Frankfurter Allgemeine Zeitung) and TV personality (news presenter for Rundschau night).

Horace and I have met at a conference in Germany a few weeks ago. During a break, we were talking about the future of Apple. Horace made a statement, which I found quite intriguing: In order to remain innovative, it is not enough to reinvent yourself again and again. Apple must be the one to destroy its own business.

Hour-long conversation including audio and video: Apple: Lessons in Self-Destruction.


  • stefnagel

    I propose a coinage: Nearables, including wearables, will connect to our hub devices. Nearables are all sensor devices that provide info about us and around us.

  • Sacto_Joe

    Great interiew, Horace! It took me a while to gather the free time to watch this all the way through, but it was well worth it. I’d urge anyone who can to open up a couple of hours of time and take this in.

    Hard to say what I thought was the most memorable – the whole discussion about the 2014 WWDC, if I had to pick one. It made clear that we can expect major hardware developments implementing the major software developments unveiled there, and in relatively short order for the first of them. It also strongly suggests that, while Apple will almost certainly curate these hardware developments, it may not necessarily be the only company producing them. That’s an intriguinig idea, to say the least.

  • Sacto_Joe

    As I said on 2.0 recently, this interview plus a recent article by PED ( ) has given me an idea:

    What if the iWatch is not a watch, but a watch band? What if Apple is MARRYING the old and the new? They probably will offer their own “watch” to go with the band, but what if you can also just get the band and put your own watch on it?

    I’m thinking Apple might put all the “tech” in a fully sealed band that can interface with any Apple product. The band is loaded with sensors and is powered wirelessly. In addition, all communications would be wireless, so the band is completely waterproof. The band can then have any watch attached, including one like the old iPod Nano that I have used as a watch for years now. Indeed, one might have a watch like that for general wear and switch it out for a luxury watch for special occasions. Also, the band could come in different materials, from metal-backed colorful plastic similar to the 5C iPhone all the way up to colorfully enameled metal including silver, gold, or even platinum. The bands may even be 3d printed for an exact fit for each individual’s wrist.