Electric Shadow 14: Orson Welles of the Genre

I was a guest on Moisés Chiullan’s Electric Shadow along with Jason Snell and John Gruber. We talk about how “Cinematic” applies to Apple’s approach to communications.

via 14: Orson Welles of the Genre.


This is a good one.

  • neutrino23

    On the topic of superheroes, I find Superman to be the most interesting. All superheroes are by definition fantasy. It is disappointing when the movies try to take them too seriously. The more they delve into explaining how they got their powers and such the worse they are. The violations of physics just makes your teeth grate. Just give it up. Focus on the symbolic ideas and the story.

    The reason I like Superman is because of the interesting tension between Clark, Lois and Superman. What kind of nutty disguise does Superman have? A pair of glasses. How is it that Lois never recognizes him. But that is the point. Clark Kent is everyman. Superman doesn’t wear a mask. He puts on the glasses to become a cog in society. But if only the woman he loves, Lois, would love him back he could take off the glasses and become Super. In the Superman movies I don’t want Lois to be in love with Superman, I want to see her fall in love with Clark Kent, and then take his glasses off for him and free him and make him Super.

    On a side note, I often give short lectures or help out at workshops. After one workshop we had dinner with the students. We sat at a table chatting till they brought the menus. I put on my reading glasses to read the menu. Suddenly one of the students blurted out: “Oh, I know you. You ran the workshop today!” So I guess a Clark Kent disguise is possible in real life.

  • Frank

    This cinematic episode was incredible, it was not only profoundly educational, but so insightful; Very inspirational. Kudos and thanks to you, Horace, and John and Moises.