Padcast: Apple Financial Review and Forecast

On the eve of earnings and the “It’s been way too long” special event, it’s time to look back a few years and forward a few quarters. The instrument chosen is Apple’s income statement viewed in Perspective flows.

You can view the story as a video, produced using Perspective.

  • katherine anderson

    A tour de force of Perspective’s technology and what’s possible, and worth watching again and again.

    It seems to me that intrinsic to the “real time” aspect of the technology is an historical perspective, and aren’t reminders of history (from which we also draw inspiration) important in just about any presentation an organization, business, or entity gives to it members, employees, customers, shareholders, students, et al.

  • willo

    Excellent charts as always Horace. Curious to see how far out you have been estimating 🙂

    • I go out one year in my model. I don’t publish more than one quarter ahead.

  • Andy Orr

    Love the charting tool and visualization. Just starting to watch, but I noticed that the first quarter has a mistake (I guess the tool doesn’t actually use formulas). Gross margin is only 1,848, not 2,147.

  • Rogers

    Thank you for putting this together and available. Great info!

  • santoscork

    Nice tour, nice app.

    Any reason why Apple Pay was omitted? Is that due to there being no history.

  • Michael Chai

    Why is the Q115 iTunes S.S. COGS $4.7B and iTunes S.S. Gross Margin $492M (isn’t this reversed)? If so, then your lines feeding “Paid to Suppliers” and “Gross Margin” are wrong (at least in terms of line width).

  • jubei_jc

    Awesome presentation. Very clear and visual.

    I noticed you didn’t include tv to the product listings. What is its contribution to Apple’s business?

    • It’s part of Accessories. I don’t break it out further in this view. Apple mentioned $1 billion in revenues including content (which is a part of iTunes/S/S)

  • asymco fan

    Fantastic presentation, Horace, you’ve really surpassed yourself here. Beautiful, clear informative and focused. Just what I like to see.

  • Wow, seriously low balling that iphone revenue…

  • A conservative 65m iphone units @ ASP $700 = 45.5b in fiscal Q1 in iphone revenue

  • Frank Drews

    The labels you are using like “Q314” are referring to the normal calendar and not Apples fical calendar, right? I want to make sure, as there is a difference of an quater. The “Q314” you present does look a lot like the xmath quarter to me, with all these Ipad sales.