The Critical Path #135: Fruit Fly Analysis

Horace outlines his work at The Clayton Christensen Institute and sets out a number of topics for upcoming shows. We also revisit YouTube and the art of self promotion.

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  • On the topic of cross-promotion – as pointed out in the Youtube discussion – the earliest examples I can personally recall were found in Marvel and DC comic books. In this context, I believe it is referred to as a crossover.

    By way of a mechanism, I remember crossovers being very effective in motivating me and my friends to buy more comic books.

    • Jacob Williams

      Something to keep in mind is that all those teens on YouTube are going to grow up and be adults on YouTube. They’re going to be a significant source of my traffic in the future because my content is targeted towards 18 – 35 year olds.

      I also think a lot of people are confused about what success on YouTube looks like. This is due to YouTube having so much traffic to begin with. We see videos with millions of views and assume that’s what success looks like.

      If you can get just 50K views a month that’s a massive success if they’re a targeted demo. That’s an entire football stadium of people sitting and listening to you for ten minutes every month. In my case it’s an entire football stadium of people wanting to learn programming.

      If someone can’t make a living off that than there’s a serious problem. (Keep in mind video is a lot more engaging than a blog post or site visit. People rarely spend ten minutes on a website. Telling someone in text to check out your product isn’t as compelling as telling them with your voice and looking at them through the camera.)

      Attached is a graph of my age and gender demographics.

  • Jacob Williams

    YouTube mentioned. Obligatory data dump of my channel. I teach programming and software tutorials. 90% of my videos are over 10 minutes long: I have three “tent poles” of monetization. I learned the tent pole concept from you Horace. I plan to create a fourth tentpole that charges $50-$200 for a structured premium course.

    I make over $250 a month in adsense revenue.

    I have two sponsors that pay me over a grand a month in referrals. That payout number grows each month due to compounding views and thus more referrals.

    I just released my first book on Amazon last night for 4.99. I’ve sold 4 copies already. The book is on Ruby programming. I link to it from my Ruby Programming video series. The link has been clicked 19 times in twelve hours.

    Attached is performance.

    ps. YouTube favors videos over ten minutes long in their search results. Higher views don’t effect your search rank anymore. It’s determined by “minutes watched” now. That’s why my videos come up higher in search than those that have three times as many views.

    I’ll also note that the longer the video, the more likely YouTube will insert a pre-roll ad.


    Image attached.