The Critical Path #151

Horace and Anders discuss Comcast, cable companies and lowest common denominator content on television screens everywhere. After the break, Horace takes listener questions from Twitter.

Source: The Critical Path #151

  • jinglesthula

    Horace – love the interactivity with your fielding of questions. I wonder if you would mind putting a link in the Critical Path posts on to the tweet that everyone replied to when you do questions so it’s easy to find the list of everyone’s questions? That would be handy. Thanks again.

  • Cameron Bales

    I’m curious about continuing talking about hated industries. Could excellent customer service be a sustaining innovation or a moat?

    Talking about advertisers – Hover and Squarespace build their reputation and business around amazing customer service in commodity markets. Honestly with good products, good customer service is actually pretty cheap – even seemingly difficult/expensive things like valet transfer service when you consider it probably only has to be done once and then you guarantee a long term revenue stream.

    I work for a mobile phone company that prides itself on excellent customer service. In a generally hated industry maybe that’s simple to do. Same thing for the cost of the customer service – probably the company actually interacts with the customers very little – small differences in how the customer gets treated get magnified. In an industry where churn is a huge enemy, and pricing set in a commodity way maybe it’s brilliant.

    I’m trying to wrap my head around it.