The Critical Path #155: The New Production Method

Horace and Anders discuss car production methods, the BMW i3, tubular and composite frame construction and how Uber could change the landscape.

Source: The Critical Path #155

  • David

    Having spent almost 40 years in a manufacturing environment in various rôles from Industrial Engineer, Production Manager and latterly Audit and Business Continuity Manager, I found your discussion Horace, absolutely bang-on the money.

    And what is more, most of the managers that I worked with or for just don’t get it; they are locked into the thinking that got them and keeps them where they are.

    They are all focused on “maximising shareholder value”, i.e., getting their annual performance budget and climbing up the guano heap towards the top, so that they can keep the doing the same old thing but more “efficiently”, whatever that is.

    I love your management are like the antibodies of an organization, killing off that which will change their personal empire and influence within it, rather than really making the organization stronger.

  • You made a compelling case for changing the orientation of the Apple Watch and I’ve tried it (for more than a week now) since listening to the podcast. I’m wearing the watch on my left arm with the buttons on the left side. I’ve noticed that I’m hitting my move goals more frequently since making the change. I don’t believe that my activity level has significantly changed. Has anyone noticed the same?