Impetus | Transcribing Asymcar

Due to some research and related writing I’ve been working on which revolve around the potential for disruption in the auto industry, I have wanted the ability to quickly search the Asymcar and The Critical Path podcasts to locate material I remember hearing. Naturally, this is difficult at best with the material in audio format only.  I know that an edited version of the first year of TCP was presented in a book format some time ago. But since Asymcar contains much of the content that I needed to referenc

Source: Impetus | Transcribing Asymcar

  • Scott Sterling


    • jinglesthula

      See the source link. The hope is that a text version of the podcast content will be useful to students of disruption theory, as it can be quickly searched (or otherwise parsed).

      Rather than having to try to remember which episode of The Critical Path or Asymcar contained a specific bit of discussion or information and spending a great deal of time trying to locate it by scrubbing through multiple episodes, a quick search would be possible, enabling one (for example) to quickly review all material related to a desired topic, or to see how treatment of a topic progresses over time.

      • vatdoro

        I agree, making podcast content searchable, and easily referenced will be a huge deal. Follow my project at I’m also making all of the code open source on Github.

  • vatdoro

    I love the idea of using crowdsourcing to transcribe podcasts. The ability to search and easily reference audio content will be powerful. So, I’m woking on that exact project right now. It is coming along nicely, and I’m making all of the code open source.

    Follow @podscribe on twitter and signup for email updates on This will be awesome!

  • Hi guys,

    I’ve got the first one transcribed here as well:

    I also have discovered an automated solution for transcribing Asymcar at and have done the ones that I liked the most (eps 5/6 and 17). They’re not 100% accurate – but they capture almost all Horace says without much need for editing. Figure that it is easier to edit from a document than to type out everything. Can send it through – just DM me on Twitter.