The Critical Path #158

Horace interviews Whitney Johnson about her new book Disrupt Yourself. How can the theory of disruptive innovation be applied to you? How can you disrupt yourself?

Source: The Critical Path #158

  • Starsdust

    Great interview.
    I went exactly through all the stages described in the interview when in 1983 nobody wanted to deal with Relational Databases. I was lucky enough to realize then that Relational DB will be the future, and 3 years later became manager and the only person in the company that new how they operate.
    The book could help me at the time, but at least I bought the book for my son that is going through the same stages now.

    • whitneyjohnson

      What a great story @Starsdust:disqus. I would love to hear more!

  • MarkS2002

    Excellent presentation by Ms Johnson and fascinating discussion. If my boys weren’t already practicing this, I would make sure they heard it.

    • whitneyjohnson

      Thank you Mark! I am so glad that you were able to listen.