Metamorphosis: The Critical Path #160

On what it means to be great, Apple’s 13 Million iPhone weekend and the iPad Pro and a lot of listener questions on the 160th episode of The Critical Path.

Source: The Critical Path #160

  • Anthony Daniele

    Hi Horace, I’m not on twitter, but would like to ask a question: Can you examine Apple’s differing approach to TV/Movies, where they are supporting 3rd party content, and music, where they want to be the go-to solution? Is it the different user behavior, or just access to content?

  • neutrino23

    Your comments on Twitter are interesting. I’m not on Twitter but I am considering joining because of the longer text limit. 140 characters seems too short to be useful. Of course, I constitute a sample size of one.

    • I would claim that over 140 characters is too long to be useful.

      • hannahjs

        The 140 is the 411