Sponsor: MailButler: an effective tool to avoid email mistakes

Given the volume of emails sent and received each day, it’s not surprising that mistakes are made once in a while by everyone.

Sending a message to the wrong person or replying all is one of the leaders among email errors. Then, there are forgotten file attachments and unprofessionally looking email signatures. The list goes on.

To avoid or at least reduce the number of email mistakes, you need special tools that optimise email experience. You will find them in MailButler.

With MailButler you get reminders about possibly omitted email attachments. Also, thanks to the Undo Send feature, you can recall and correct outgoing messages after they have been sent. Great email signatures are available in different designs. Furthermore, with MailButler you can schedule and snooze your emails, get detailed read receipts, and put your inbox on pause.

Check out how MailButler turns email into an effective tool of communication.