The Critical Path #201: Like a Costco Pickle Jar

Horace and Carolina Milanese discuss WWDC 2017 minutes after the Keynote and Hands-on with the new products.

Source: 5by5 | The Critical Path #201: Like a Costco Pickle Jar

  • Sacto_Joe

    Thoroughly enjoyed the podcast!

    My takeaway: As usual, Apple is shown to have been working feverishly behind the scenes. In addition, they appear to have an astounding number of balls in the air. The sheer organizational skills that requires boggles the mind.

    People and investors tend to forget that products like the HomePod have to have a very long runway behind them. It’s even possible that development of this product predated the Beats acquisition and in part prompted it. Like the Samsung computer watch, the Amazon Echo may have been an attempt to preempt an obvious product direction of Apple, only to lose out in the long run to a seriously superior product that had been heading down the runway for years. But eventually that product reaches the end of the runway, and something quite remarkable becomes airborne…..