Join the Micromobility Summit in Copenhagen September 6

I’m Happy to announce that I’ll be hosting the Micromobility Summit at Techfestival this year. Taking place on September 6 in Copenhagen, the one-day summit explores how new technologies affect society, cities and urbanization in the very near future.

Join and contribute here

About Techfestival:

This September, Copenhagen will be home to 15,000+ people exploring a new, progressive agenda on technology. One week filled with 100+ conferences, summits, dinners, art installations and concerts, Techfestival’s goal is to break down today’s most complex questions into real talk and tangible experiences.f

  • Jakob Gunge

    Hi Horace: Thank you once again for a super presentation ref bikes and mobility the Techfestival. Some additional input to your presentation: cycle police has been around for a while at least in some places I know of. Try googling cykel politi for Denmark, cykel polis for Sweden, Fahrrad Polizei for Germany – you will find lots of pictures. Also ref Amsterdam, perhaps you already know but the history of bicycles did not come about by protests – Amsterdam was already a bike city until postwar growth brought about a lot of cars – and accidents. Urban planning did not accomodate cars and bikes / pedestrians in unison with many fatal accidents as result. A great historic article about this from the Guardian here. As you will see the history is a lot like the one you told about in China where economic growth lead trafic from bikes to cars – and now perhaps back again.

  • Hi Horace – is there a copy of your presentation (video and/or pdf) available?