Sponsor: OpenBundle and The Commoditization of Google

We know the story so far. Newspapers controlled distribution, allowing them to bundle content with ads to form a lucrative business. Then Google modularized and commoditized content and moved the profits elsewhere in the value chain by bundling search results with ads.

For one slice of the web ā€” high quality professional content ā€” the discovery method is no longer the hardest thing. Trust is. Discovery is modularized into search, social, newsletters, rss, apps, or directly visiting the trusted source.

OpenBundle integrates trusted sources with a subscription tool, taking the power back. Consumers get credentials to 9 publications of their choosing for one subscription, and publishers take advantage of bundle economics without a middleman, and take back the role of delivering their own content.

If you run a publication with a paywall, please reach out at openbundle.io. We’re forming our launch cohort and would love to tell you about it.