Sponsor: ​WebSonar Libraries

Project Xanadu was the first hypertext project; founded in 1960 by Ted Nelson. Nelson predicted many of the features of today’s hypertext systems. Three of the key requirements were that every Xanadu server can be operated independently or in a network, every document can consist of any data type and every user can search, retrieve, create and store documents.

WebSonar Libraries provide these features today and also include the ability to annotate at the page level for book marking and collaboration. We have solved the digital surveillance problem. WebSonar Libraries link the iPad to the Mac providing a new scalable, educational solution that is safer than FaceBook by eliminating ads and tracking.

Your content can now be served and shared on your own computer, at home or hosted in a Data Center without third party influence or control. Owners can set their library access credentials to Private or Public.