Sponsor: Retail-grade Barcode Scanner SDK for iOS and Android

Vision Smarts has been dedicated to building the world’s best barcode scanner. The Vision Smarts Barcode Scanner SDK has been powering iOS and Android apps for more than a decade. Today our newest version is available to power your mobile app.

For demanding, high-volume applications, built-in or free scanners are not good enough. They can’t process out of focus images, damaged or dirty barcodes, require royalties or attributions and can’t scan “all terrain”.

The VSBarcodeReader library reads 1D and 2D barcodes quickly and reliably, even when they are out of spec, poorly lit, dirty or damaged.

Our Computer Vision specialists have designed the software from scratch, specifically for mobile use. The SDK provides a lean API and sample code that is extremely easy to integrate and gives the developer full control over the user interface and the app branding. There are no parameters to tune. Plugins for popular cross-platform frameworks are available.

Our Enterprise-grade performance and support does not mean convoluted pricing. An annual license fee covers one app, with unlimited devices and unlimited scans. No tracking, no tiers, packages, or add-ons.

But don’t take our word for it. Try our free showcase apps on the hardest barcodes you need to scan:

Showcase app for iOS.

And for Android.

More info here.
We look forward to your feedback and to your questions at sales@visionsmarts.com !