Sponsor: New Relic for Mobile Apps

Competition is continuing to heat up for mobile apps. With over 1.5 million apps available in the Apple App Store and Google play, you’ve really only got one chance to make a good impression.

So when there’s a problem, you want to know as it’s happening, before it affects your end users. New Relic for Mobile Apps is the only performance management tool on the market to provide real-time visibility into native mobile apps. And it’s seamlessly integrated with New Relic’s existing monitoring service to provide the most comprehensive, end-to-end view of your web operations and environment.

Get actionable data, in real time, based on real user experiences, mobile device performance, geographic location and much more. Going forward without New Relic’s critical insight into apps on iOS and Android is not an option.

Get your 30 day FREE trial today.

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Sponsor: Igloo Software

At Igloo, we believe that working with other people doesn’t have to be complicated — it’s about three things: content, communication and collaboration. It’s why we integrate our core suite of apps around social tools to create an intranet you’ll actually like.

Your Igloo’s core apps include:

  • Blogs to share news and progress updates
  • Calendars that sync with your favorite software
  • Document storage, securely available anywhere
  • Forums to keep your discussions and ideas together
  • Microblogs, a private Twitter-like stream for your team
  • Wikis for living, collaborative documentation

Everything inside your Igloo is customizable. With multiple channels in each app, it’s easy to show different content to different teams, groups or projects. Plus, we’re securely hosted on the moon in the cloud.

Get started with Igloo today. And if your boss needs some convincing, we’ve got some whitepapers for her.

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Sponsor: Treehouse

Treehouse is a better way to learn technology. Our library of step-by-step video courses and training exercises will give you a wide range of competitive, in-demand technology skills that will help you land your next dream job or build your startup idea. No experience? No problem!

Learn to build websites, create iPhone and Android apps, code with Ruby on Rails and PHP, or start a business. Start learning today, and get 1 month free.

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Sponsor: Harvest

Track all of your billable hours in the new year with Harvest before more time flies. Work on client projects from anywhere by starting a timer effortlessly via web browser, mobile device, and now from your favorite project management tool. Tracked hours appear in visual time reports designed to help finish projects on time and within budget. When all is said and done, send professional invoices to happy clients and get paid. Don’t delay any longer. Sign up for a free trial and start tracking time with Harvest today.

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Sponsor: Igloo Software

Did you know that 49% of employees in 100-999 person companies are using consumer cloud services to store and synchronize their business data?

It’s because the consumer cloud is easy and fast. But it’s not always secure enough for your business’ intellectual property. It certainly doesn’t meet Corporate’s policies for auditing and data retention. It’s simply *not the cloud you’re looking for*.

Igloo is built in the enterprise cloud. We’re made for business, but still fast and easy to use. In fact, we have a full suite of social tools, like blogs, built around secure document management, collaboration and version control. (We have all the security acronyms you need. Really.)

It’s time you try Igloo (and check out our fancy new form, too.)

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Sponsor: AAPLTrader

AAPLTrader.com — The best website for Apple traders is hosting a free live event to cover Apple Earnings this Wednesday at 4pm ET on their exclusive AAPL TV Channel.

AAPL tv Channel Live Event: **Apple Earnings**

This event is going to be HUGE! Register for free today, and join the fastest growing network of Apple traders in the world as they cover the biggest earnings announcement in Apple’s history.

Plus, receive special bonuses with your free membership, including nine powerful stock and option training courses, and access to their extensive social network where you can get tips and strategies from some of the best Apple traders in the world.

Join AAPLTrader.com right now to get an official Apple Fundamental Analysis PDF so you’re ready for Wednesday’s live Apple Earnings event.

We at AAPLTrader look forward to seeing you this Wednesday, January 23rd at 4pm ET.

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Sponsor: DesignScene

DesignScene for the iPad is a real-time inspiration app for designers. Get inspired by creative images — from logos to architecture, illustration to photography — and save them into collections.

We’ve handpicked over 60 sources to show you the best creative images from around the world to spark your imagination. Additionally, keep up with the latest insights and tutorials from sites like PSFK, Smashing Magazine, Imprint, and more.

As you find images you like, add them to your collections. You can have collections for projects you’re working on, collections of great art, or collections that remind you of Sundays.

Download from the App Store today
Or watch the trailer.

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Sponsor: Igloo Software

We’re back from the holidays… slightly heavier; slightly more determined. We have goals. We have resolutions. And we will make them happen.

… we think.

Sure, clearing out your inbox is a great intention – but finding a sustainable solution for business collaboration is better. While it might be tough to change the way your teams work together, now is the right time to move past the frustrations of yesteryear.

Bring your documents, versions and conversations together in one place. Get an intranet you’ll actually like.

Try Igloo.

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Sponsor: QuoteRobot

QuoteRobot makes it easy to write winning proposals.

Let’s face it, proposal writing generally sucks. It’s unpaid time spent in the hopes of winning a new project. If you’re pitching against other companies, the chances of winning are further diluted. But, it’s a necessary evil.

Here are three tips from QuoteRobot to help you win more:

  • Focus on benefits, not features. For example, instead of saying you’ll build a WordPress website with a blog (feature), say you’ll attract new customers (benefit) by making a website that’s easier to update.
  • Provide a timeline. A detailed timeline with deliverables at key milestones will show that you have a process and have thought about the project from start to finish.
  • Look fantastic. A well designed proposal will convert much better than one authored in Word. If you’re a designer, you gotta represent.

Give QuoteRobot a try and win more clients. Here’s a coupon code for 50% off your first month: YAYQBOT

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Sponsor: Igloo Software, wishing you a happy work from home

Let’s face it, we’re heading into the worst time of year for getting work done. Everyone is getting ready for Festivus.

It seems like Janice is always out of the office. Bob’s coming in late every day. And if Kelly sings Cartman’s version of “Oh Holy Night” one more time, you’re going to go insane. But you can’t work from home – your shared drive is locked down and your VPN is just. so. slow.

This holiday season, ask your boss for a cloud-based collaboration platform. You’ll be able to securely work from home and your coworkers will love the built-in social tools. They can share updates about what they’re working on, and you can ignore the cat videos. Your boss will love your increased productivity.

‘Tis the season for an intranet you’ll actually like.

Try Igloo.

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