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Asymco Workshops Australia 2013

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I will be in Australia in May and thought to invite local readers to join me for a few hours of in-depth discussion on the future of our industry.

I plan to have an event in Sydney on the 3rd in the morning (9:00 to noon at the Radisson Blu 27 O’Connell. Press Room) and in Melbourne on the 6th in the afternoon (1:30 to 4:30 PM at Victoria University City Flinders Campus: Level 12, Function Room 4, 300 Flinders Street, Melbourne, VIC, 3000).

Nominally, the topic will be: The history and future of computing using disruptive analysis.

I will present recent material (including the latest data from Apple) and we will have a few hours of Q&A.

Tickets are $120 and seating will be limited to 100.

You can register here: Asymco Workshops Australia 2013.

5by5 | The Critical Path #72: Bingewatch

We take on the future of TV again, given the developments and experiments hitting the news. Hanging in the air like a big matzah ball is the question of a catalyst to bring long form video to the age of software. Not just digital production and distribution but an integration of software into the product itself. We get there via a quick recap of Asymconf California.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #72: Bingewatch.

Show Notes & Links

It's a wrap. Asymconf California

My thanks to all those who made Asymconf California the best Asymconf ever. We had over 200 attendees and, for the first time ever, 50 workshop participants and a panel session. The venue was spectacular: IBM’s historic Almaden Research Center and special thanks to Paul Brody of IBM for making it available.

Engagement was stronger than ever and I believe we moved the ball forward on a range of topics: The workshops helped solve some of the mysteries related to Amazon valuation and the main event looked at the limits of growth. The State of the Union took a look at the post-PC world and Apple’s inflection point. The panel session took on the future of TV and, including the audience, we had input from some of the most influential companies in the space.

We will scramble to make the proceedings (in the form of an iPad download) available as soon as possible.

Normal blogging and tweeting will now be resumed.

Asymconf, reminder

Asymconf California is a week away. The workshops are sold out but we still have 20 seats available for the main event.

Don’t leave it to the last minute. Sign up now.

Call for Volunteers for Asymconf

If you are available January 29th and/or 30th in the San Jose area we could use your help.

We need eight people to help with registration, microphone relay, guides.

We also need five people to act as Camera Operators – we will provide Cameras and training, but any experience is a bonus.

We also need an Audio Mixer Operator – experience as a DJ is enough.


In exchange for a day of hard labor you’ll get:

  • Access to event (when not busy)
  • Access to reception and meals
  • A collectable Asymconf t-shirt

Send email to to apply.

Accommodations for Asymconf [Updated]

We recommend staying at the Hayes Mansion

200 Edenvale Avenue, San Jose, CA 95136

Phone: +1 866.981.3300

The workshops will be held here on January 29th.

(Three One more workshop seats are available).

Update: Workshops are sold out.

Update 2: Use this link to reserve a special event rate of $149/night. You can also reserve by calling the number above and asking for the Asymco rate.

Asymconf Program

9:00 to 10:15 Being Back. How California came to disrupt

The disruptive history of California is remarkable. Whereas few nations can claim credit to one, California is home to at least four major disruptions: Semiconductors, recorded entertainment, venture capital and personal computing. And it did all this in less than one century. If any one place can vie for the title of “serial disruptor” it’s California. One success can be seen as luck, but many successes imply a system is at work. In this case session we discuss California’s disruptive history and put forward hypotheses on the what causal mechanisms are at work. We ask further whether California can still be the home of future disruptions or whether the system has broken down.

  • The effect of “frontier mentality” on unforeseen growth
  • The effect of migration and diaspora on innovation and counter-effect of the absence of either.
  • Applying these causal themes to the management of innovation in institutions

10:15 to 10:30 Break

10:30 to 12:00 Designed in California, Assembled in China

Geographically and culturally, California is closer to Asia than any other western market. It has always faced west more than it has faced east. Is there a symbiosis between California and Asia? Are its institutions adapting to a new center of economic mass? Is California leading in thinking or culture or is it being disrupted by a new frontier as growth moves east?

  • The growth in Asia and China in particular is in many ways a reflection of rapid industrialization. But it can also be seen as a low-end disruption.
  • What can be learned about business model innovation in the contrast between Californian and Asian approaches to business?
  • Does culture play a part in an innovation mentality?

12:00 to 1:00 Lunch

1:00 to 2:15 Guest presentations and Panel session

Guests are invited to debate or discuss points raised during the morning sessions. A chance for panelists to challenge or refute points made as well as for the provision of anecdotal evidence.

Potential panelists:

  • Ben Bajarin
  • Michael Lopp (aka @Rands)
  • Jean-Louis Gassée
  • Om Malik
  • Charlie Kindel
  • Dan Benjamin
  • Philip Elmer-DeWitt
  • Tim Bradshaw

2:15 to 2:30 Break

2:30 to 4:00 North vs. South

Does the tension between industries of Northern California and Southern California reflect an opportunity or a crisis? We will re-visit the narrative of what Entertainment is hired to do. We will review the differences and similarities of the technological creative process vs. the artistic creative process. We will see whether industrialized, commercialized art is subject to disruptive forces or whether there is persistent exceptionalism at work.

  • Is the intersection of “liberal arts” and “engineering” more than a metaphor?
  • What can be learned by cross-pollination of the creative processes of engineers and artists.
  • What’s the future of technology-based entertainment? Are North and South closer and have more in common than the war talk lets on?

4:00 to 6:00 Reception

Please register here.

5by5 | The Critical Path #65: The Shoe Seller's Dilemma

An update on Asymconf California, a discussion of engagement and why Android does not get enough of it, why Amazon likes giving away Fires and the causal hypothesis of Samsung’s success in smartphones. That plus announcing a new 5by5 show: High Density.

via 5by5 | The Critical Path #65: The Shoe Seller’s Dilemma.

Update on Asymconf

Asymconf is developing well. Workshops are at 75% 90% capacity. I’m also delighted to also announce some of our distinguished guests:

More to come.

Asymconf California

Asymconf California is the second[1] in the series and will expand in scope and intensity relative to the first event in Amsterdam. Attendees will be treated to an engaging, participatory experience. Using the case method to teach (and learn), we will look at the state, history and future of innovation as seen from a Californian perspective.

There will be four themes:

  • Being Back. How California came to disrupt and be disrupted.
  • It’s always sunny. Californians invented the concept of lifestyle. Did they also invent the concept of business style?
  • Going West. The role of frontiers (geographic, conceptual and societal) in the creation of wealth. Escaping the zero-sum trap.
  • North vs. South (California.) A modern civil war.

Distinguished guests will be invited to act as presenters and panel members.

Asymconf California will take place January 30, 2013[2] at the IBM Almaden Research Center near San Jose, California.

Two workshops are also planned. Read more and register at

  1. You can purchase the proceedings from Asymconf Amsterdam.
  2. The day before Macworld/iWorld in San Francisco. Transportation will be arranged from SF.