Supporting Asymco

I’ve received many supportive comments following the Fortune piece. Many also worried that the site is fragile due to a lack of income.  I’d like to put those worries to rest.

First, I want to state one goal for the site which defines my attitude toward how to monetize it: I intend this site to be a useful resource to the reader.

From utility comes value. I want readers to obtain value with a high signal/noise ratio. Unless well targeted, advertising drives up the noise factor and lowers usefulness. I would only accept advertising if it improved the value to the reader. Since ad networks will push ads over which I have no control I cannot be sure that they are adding value and not contradicting my content. But as you see in the right-most column, I do accept advertisements (sponsors) whose message I can evaluate and curate. You can be a sponsor (see the sponsorship page for a measure of what value you can gain from exposure through Asymco).

Second, there is also another way to support Asymco: if you use iTunes, do your music, movies, app or TV show shopping through the affiliate link in my site. It’s the App Store logo in the upper right corner. Or bookmark this link: Support Asymco by buying content. I receive a commission of up to 5% from any purchase made through that link. It has already been enough to pay for my hosting.

Third, there are also indirect ways in which I derive value from Asymco. I offer consulting, data and services to clients directly. If you are interested in any of these feel free to contact me directly by email.

Thanks to all who read and contribute comments to this site. The biggest value to me is the learning I get from interacting with the readers.

[Sponsor] Pi Cubed: Touch Your Equations

This is an excellent app. I wish I had it when I was a student. The ability to compose complex equations visually and then evaluate them instantly makes the iPhone a superior scientific calculator that, with this app, takes the concept to a new level. You literally touch the equation to edit it and can enter values to evaluate it. The visual representation lets you instantly recognize errors in composition, unlike formulas encoded in textual representations. You can share it, use templates and re-use it. It even exports to PDF for use with other documents.

If you are a student of any discipline where math is used, this $9.99 app is a no brainer. If you are a professional engineer, scientist, or an analyst like myself, this is an app you can’t afford not to have.

Available at the App Store here.

Highly recommended.

[Sponsor] Authentic Jobs

I came across a job listing service for creative professionals which caught my eye.

Authentic Jobs is a targeted destination for web & creative professionals, and the companies seeking to hire them.

Since 2005, qualified candidates have been applying for great opportunities at Apple,, Comcast, Electronic Arts, ESPN, Estee Lauder, Facebook, Fluidesign, frog design, Garmin, HBO, HP, HUGE, Magnani Caruso Dutton,, The Motley Fool,, Phinney Bischoff, Skype, Sony BMG, Turner Sports Interactive, and many other companies large and small.

By offering space for job listings on Asymco, I hope readers can benefit by finding new jobs (or gigs) and also, as employers, by finding someone to fill a job[1]

With nearly 3,000 comments by 1,000 readers as testament, the quality and consistent thoughtfulness of this audience shows great potential as both employees and employers.


[1] Asymco only benefits when new jobs are posted through the affiliate link to the left.

[Sponsor] Illumipad's Multi Calc 6×4

Sometimes you come across such a simple yet clever app that it changes the way you do the most basic tasks. I’ve relied on the calculator widget on my Mac thousands of times to get quick answers to basic analysis questions. It’s much easier to press the F4 button than launch a spreadsheet. However you quickly run into the limitations of a simple calculator. Multi Calc 6×4 is a clever idea of having up to six linked calculators available on your desk at any time. From a work-flow point of view it sits between a spreadsheet and a calculator. You can do complex multi-step calculations without learning a new UI.

Every result from a calculator can be dragged to another with just press-and-hold touch. No more need for “memory” functions. This is the sort of improvement in a basic, everyday tool that only a large screen and touch interface can enable.

$1.99 on the App store.

Buy it and help support Asymco.