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Sponsor: Igloo (with videos)

Igloo has some funny new Sandwich videos to lighten your day (and maybe convince your boss and/or IT to upgrade your intranet to something more human). Check them out:

* Intranet
* Updates
* Versions

You can also get a free 30-day trial and bring back Cake Fridays here.

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Sponsor: PDFpenPro from Smile

PDFpenPro is the advanced version of PDFpen. PDFpenPro does everything that PDFpen does, such as add signatures, edit text and images, perform OCR on scanned documents and export Microsoft Word documents. It also has the ability to create a PDF form, build a table of contents, and convert HTML files to PDF.

The new PDFpenPro 6 adds document permission settings. When you share a PDF, you can restrict printing, copying, and editing of your PDFs. You can also use the new automatic form field creation tool to convert a non-interactive form into an interactive PDF form with text fields and checkboxes automatically added.

PDFpenPro 6 is available on the Smile Store and the Mac App Store for $100. A free demo can be downloaded on the Smile site. Find out why Macworld calls PDFpenPro “the crème de la crème of PDF editing and annotating applications.”

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Sponsor: Fresh music from Steven Jengo

Arrive in the office, make a cup of coffee, open up your email, and turn up your favorite song. We know how it goes.

Check out Steven Jengo’s new single, summer of 2042.

Fresh tunes with a softly different touch; with that kind of familiar sound, simple and melodic, deep and lazy, freshly brewed for your listening pleasure.

Take care when driving at high volume. Find more at

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Sponsor: Cloud Connect APIs

Develop Smarter, Simpler and Better Connected Apps with Javascript

Imagine connecting your app to everything with just 2 lines of code – files from all over the web, across cloud storage source, social networks and devices. provides a full file system API for your web and mobile applications that allows your app to upload, open, read, write, store, sync and convert files from over 17 sources including Dropbox, Google Docs, Facebook, Skydrive and Box.

With the Javascript API, request a file and receive a simplified URL. Then, upload the URL to your server or serve through your CDN. includes a customizable drop-in UI widget and an API library allowing you to send uploaded files directly to your S3. Sign up for today!

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Sponsor: PDFpen 6 from Smile

If you need to do anything with PDFs, you need PDFpen. Add a signature, make changes, correct a typo, fill out forms, and more! Got a scanned document? PDFpen includes OCR to convert that scan into text that you can search or edit. Want to remove sensitive info such as tax ID numbers from your PDF? Use PDFpen to redact your private data.

The latest version, PDFpen 6, has improved interface and tools. And now you can export your PDFs to Microsoft® Word format for sharing or editing. See the new features in action in this video by David Sparks.

Buy PDFpen for $60 in the Mac App Store or directly from Smile. Or buy PDFpenPro for $100 and you’ll get advanced features like form creation tools and document permission settings. Download the free demo!

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Sponsor: Instatim

Instatim is a more personal social network that helps you stay in touch with your closest friends, family and co-workers. Engineered for privacy, Instatim is unlike other social networks because we do not store information about our users’ past activities and locations. Your status is shared securely and only to people you have chosen.

Here’s what you can do with Instatim:

  • Status Updates: Keep in touch by posting status updates about what you’re doing (walking the dog, meeting a client, etc.) and reading your friends’ statuses.
  • Expiration Dates: Set an expiration for your status so your family knows how long you will be engaged in the activity.
  • Groups: Sort contacts into different groups. Share statuses with specific groups to keep the right people in the right loop.
  • Location: You can choose to include your location with your status so your friends and family know your whereabouts.

Download Instatim for free in the App Store.

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Sponsor: Shopster

Shopster is a new kind of groceries list app that learns what you purchase and where, so it can remind you later on.

Whenever you check an item as purchased, Shopster learns the location where you got it. The next time you look for the same thing, a geofenced alarm will be triggered when you are near the location.


  • Autolearning of locations when checking items as purchased.
  • Geofenced reminders for your products, based on your prior buying history.
  • In-place editing table, for quick corrections and editions.
  • Unique ruler to quickly enter the number of items you need to buy.
  • Smart autocomplete, to assist you entering frequently purchased products, based on your previous history.
  • Reorder items with a simple tap and hold.

Check out Shopster on the AppStore, it’s only $0.99

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Sponsor: Wufoo. Amazing online forms

Wufoo? Who? It’s a web application that lets you build amazing online forms for your websites.

We host everything. We build the backend. You get an easy, fun and fast way to collect and analyze data, and it even integrates with many payment systems.

With Wufoo you get…

  • Over 200 pre-made templates & themes from our form gallery
  • Ability to customize branding with your own logo and themes to match
  • Integration with over 50 web apps including WordPress, MailChimp, Basecamp, Stripe, etc.
  • Support for beautiful typography with custom fonts and Typekit integration

Just because you’re working with forms and data doesn’t mean you have to do it without personality or style. Gathering information from your users is exciting, why shouldn’t your tools be exciting too?

Experience the difference. Sign up for Free and get started with Wufoo today.

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Sponsor: Xero Your numbers never looked so beautiful

Xero is online accounting software that’s simple, beautiful and smart. With Xero, your financial data is displayed visually on the dashboard so you get a clear picture of your finances anywhere, anytime, on any device.

It connects to your bank, and with over a hundred apps such as Harvest, Batchbook & Quoteroller, to give you all the information you need to run your business without any manual data entry.

Xero’s online so you can start using it right away, no need for installation or updates. You’re always using the latest version.

For your free trial or to find out more, visit

Sign up to Xero before June 30, 2013 and get 60 days free.

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Sponsor: New Relic for Mobile Apps

Competition is continuing to heat up for mobile apps. With over 1.5 million apps available in the Apple App Store and Google play, you’ve really only got one chance to make a good impression.

So when there’s a problem, you want to know as it’s happening, before it affects your end users. New Relic for Mobile Apps is the only performance management tool on the market to provide real-time visibility into native mobile apps. And it’s seamlessly integrated with New Relic’s existing monitoring service to provide the most comprehensive, end-to-end view of your web operations and environment.

Get actionable data, in real time, based on real user experiences, mobile device performance, geographic location and much more. Going forward without New Relic’s critical insight into apps on iOS and Android is not an option.

Get your 30 day FREE trial today.

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