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L’iPhone, le smartphone préféré des Français (part deux)

And the most successful market for the iPhone based on the Gartner numbers, is, um, France, where the company has gained over 10% of the market, at the expense of Nokia and Sony. “France is now the most successful market in the world on a relative basis,” says McCourt.

link: France Now iPhone’s Most Successful Market? – Tech Trader Daily –

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77 % des téléphones vendus par Orange à Noël ont été des iPhone
L’iPhone, le smartphone préféré des Français

77 % des téléphones vendus par Orange à Noël ont été des iPhone–77-des-telephones-vendus-par-orange-a-noel-ont-ete-des-iphone-.htm

A loose translation:

France Telecom CEO Didier Lombard:

Remember that at Christmas, 77% of telephones with a fixed-rate tariff that Orange sold were iPhones! It’s amazing. I cannot say why so many other mobile telephone manufacturers have fallen so far behind and have been unable to catch-up.

I am still trying to get my head around this data point. Is it an anomaly? Is France unique or is this a Christmas-only phenomenon? Other data points also showed that iPhone is phenomenally popular in France, but this is unheard of. Would broad availability in the US also lead to >50% market share of all phones sold? Could the possibility of runaway, iPod-like, Apple monopoly of the sector be contemplated? Anecdotally, I also observed a large number of iPhones while in Terminal 3 at Heathrow.