[Sponsor] IVPN: Your Trustworthy VPN

There is no such thing as a free internet. If you engage online you are being monitored and someone is looking to extract data from your actions. Your online life is under constant surveillance from social networks, data brokers, ad companies and others looking to “monetize” your actions. You don’t have to accept this.

IVPN was built by a team of security experts and privacy activists as a tool of resistance against constant online monitoring. When using IVPN on your personal devices, an encrypted tunnel prevents the logging of your browsing history, while web trackers and ads stop following you around.

IVPN was the first VPN provider to integrate the WireGuard protocol to their Android, Windows, macOS and iOS apps, helping you achieve lightning-fast connection speeds on any platform.

In addition, unlike most VPN providers, IVPN has strong ethical standards and rejects targeted advertising, paid reviews and misleading affiliates. Remember, you get what you pay for.

Join IVPN in taking a stand against surveillance. Begin with a free, no-obligations trial.

IVPN: Your Trustworthy VPN