Dubinsky gets it, Glaser no so much.

[Donna Dubinsky] called the decision to spin off PalmOS a “huge strategic error.” “As RIM, Apple and Palm all have demonstrated, these devices need to be highly integrated hardware and software developments in order to optimize the user experience,” Dubinsky wrote in an e-mail to The Associated Press. “When Palm no longer could advance the OS, and had to create a new one, it lost several years.”

Donna gets it.

link: Palm Inc. teeters in crowded smart phone market – Yahoo! Finance

[Rob Glaser] said with those “super” abilities, mobile has a great potential, but if Apple gets its way, the wireless industry could end up like the MP3 industry. The other option is for things to go the way of the PC, which he considers more horizontal.

“As of today, Apple is the clear winner. It’s incredible what they’ve been able to do in a vertical paradigm,”

link: Former RealNetwork’s CEO Rob Glaser Says For Now Apple Has Won – Yahoo! Finance

Sorry Rob, you’re still missing the whole point. It’s not incredible, it’s the only way to go. What’s incredible is that anybody tried to do it differently.