This site is an evolving experiment in collaborative and peer reviewed analysis. Participation is subject to some rules designed to encourage a scientific method of analysis. Contributions to this site as authors or through comments are welcome but they must also obey these rules.

The rules are:

  1. Show work. Like your teacher and professor told you: no credit without a clear trail of logic. Extra credit for brevity, clarity and visualization.
  2. Attribute and cite what is not your work.  This is why URLs were invented.
  3. Share data. Keeping analysis secret reduces its value and accuracy because it is not subject to peer review.
  4. Cite only public information. If the owner does not want to share, he or she has the right to keep secrets (but see rule 3).
  5. Extraordinary claims require extraordinary evidence.
  6. Maintain zero tolerance for lack of civility. Any disrespectful comments will be deleted. There will be no warnings.