An apology

This site is fairly new. It has been around for only about 6 months. In that time there have been 393 postings and 586 comments. It has been read 100k times and I’ve moved it three times to accommodate this growth. Lately, thanks to links from John Gruber’s Daring Fireball, views have increased dramatically (to over 10k/day). This has been a blessing but also a dilemma because the traffic is overwhelming for the humble hosting setup I have. So much so that the site was down due to overload much of yesterday.

I apologize for this downtime.

I am trying to find a solution and have implemented a few optimizations (thanks to my lovely wife’s suggestions).  I also turned on full text RSS feeds so readers don’t need to hit the site for full articles.  In the mean time I hope readers will be forgiving and return even if the site is overwhelmed.

Additional suggestions on how to maintain a high quality of service are welcome.

  • I faced the same problem with one of my WordPress sites, and was shut down by my hosting provider, Hostgator.

    The problem went away after I installed the WP Super Cache plugin, which essentially serves up cached HTML versions of the WordPress posts:

    Good luck!

  • Matt

    Thanks for this site, by the way. I just discovered it yesterday (by way of Gruber). It's great, as a retail investor, to see some financial analysis on Apple that not only doesn't suck, but is actually fresh and interesting. Best I've seen so far by a large margin.

    • Adam Thompson

      Yes, this site is great for retail investors. You should also check out The author of that site, Deagol, is known as the best AAPL analyst on the planet. No offense, Asymco, as you are stellar as well!!!!

      You can also go here to check out Deagol's AAPL models. VERY impressive stuff. Far superior to any of the Wall Street guys.

      • Deagol is on my Blogroll (see bottom of second column on this page).

  • Check out for hosting

  • M

    Some very enlightening charts, Horace. Congrats on the Fortune article. I still think we should keep this stuff to ourselves. Why give it away for free? At least make them pay for it.

  • Abhi Beckert

    As others have said, HTML caching is the ideal way to manage load issues. I'm not familiar with the plugin you're using, but I think you'd do better with a spider crawling the site and creating static HTML pages on a separate server – which doesn't use php/mysql at all. Then your DNS short so you can swap to the the server.

    Also seriously consider dropping wordpress.
    It's well known as being among the worst choice there is for load and security. I don't know what would be better… We recommend wordpress for most of our clients.

    Is your hosting company good? How many other websites do they have on the server you're on? Is it configured properly to handle high traffic? You really want a dedicated server (or VPS) with a small hosting company who has an awesome sysadmin. Small companies will put more time into each client, and they rent hardware I other people's datacenter's, so they're just as fast.

    • Thanks. Caching has been implemented and it is holding up so far. Still need another "fireball" test to see if it really works.